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About Us

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Akron Roofing and Repair embraces its Ohio Roots and has never looked back once. We have several successful projects under our belt and we are proud to tell you that we are one of the most trusted roofing and repair company in Ohio. We provide our customers with both residential and commercial roof repairing services.

Our aim is to exceed the expectations of all our clients at all levels. We strive to maintain the highest standards so that we can deliver the best to our clients. We don’t just honor the commitments we make, but we also meet tough deadlines. No matter what the deadline is, we deliver nothing but the best work. Akron Roof and Repairs is well known for collaborating successfully with their customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and designer. We provide specialized services, making sure that your roof has been repaired or restored to perfection. We are constantly developing and learning how to tackle complex projects with ease.

Our roofing services are available for homeowners and commercial buildings. We do all kinds of roof repairs, whether you want urgent or planned roofing services; we are always available.

Akron Roofing and Repair offers its customers with good and reliable services. All our projects are carried out by our team of trained and experienced professionals. Each project is personally managed by the best people, so we can assure you that your roof is in good hands. We have managed to build a strong reputation in Ohio, and all we had to do for this is perform a good job within the given time frame at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking to get your current roof repaired, or you need to completely tear of and remove your current roof and get it replaced with a new one; Akron Roofing and Repair is here with our services. We believe that we are capable of providing the strength and quality to any roofing project we take under our wing.

At Akron Roofing and Repair, we not only provide services for complete installation and removal of roofs, but we also offer reliable hail damage repair services. Hail damage causes leaks in your roof, and this can be quite expensive to get fixed. Most of the time, hail damage is covered by home or business insurance. If this is the case, then we will work side by side with you to make sure that the insurance company covers all the repair costs of hail damage. In fact, we work with all of the skilled trades to make sure your home gets the protection it needs from water.

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